Touching Darkness

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Touching Darkness

Mapping the abandoned buildings of Boda

This map spatially locates the abandoned buildings in and around Boda that were investigated in the course of an artist/archaeologist residency at The Glass Factory, a museum and art centre that was formerly the heart of industrial glass production in the region. In the course of the fieldwork eight buildings were investigated. All but one were uninhabited. Site six was occupied by a former glass designer who kindly invited me to include his home in this study. Site eight, Ruben's stuga, is the former home of a famous local writer, now preserved as it was left and maintained as a heritage site. The rest of the sites range from the relatively intact to the completely destroyed and as such, this project charts the decline of domestic buildings through the process of abandonment. This project is also about Boda itself and drew on deep mapping theories to conjure a sense of place, using a transdisciplinary approach. This involved drawing on techniques from archaeology, cultural geography and visual art to record, document and interpret these sites. This included the production of scale maps, drawings, field notes, colour photogrammetric `human-scaled' aerial photographs, black and white film photography and the gathering and manipulation of objects from the sites for us in sculptural installations. The result of this work was a solo exhibition at The Glass Factory (14th September - 20th October 2019).

  Heart of Matter Installation piece


A wall constructed from planks from an abandoned building used to display artwork in the exhibition.